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News 8 March 2024
Value of the Polish cloud computing market increased by 1 billion PLN in 2023
Contrary to initial concerns related to economic slowdown due to high inflation and rising interest rates, the cloud computing market shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, according to the latest PMR analyses, spending on cloud services in…
News 15 December 2023
Trend for an active lifestyle is driving demand for sports articles
From 2023 to 2028, the sports articles market in Poland is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6%, according to forecasts outlined in the latest PMR report titled “Retail Trade in Sports Articles in Poland 2023.” …
News 13 December 2023
Dietary supplements under the influence of new trends
The value of the dietary supplements market in Poland in 2022, including typical sports nutrition brands sold outside pharmacies and online, was worth approximately PLN 6.9 billion (excluding dietary food products). This marked an increase of nearly …
News 5 December 2023
Digital transformation of enterprises in Poland A.D. 2023
Digitalisation is now a phenomenon that encompasses almost every aspect of the lives and operations of both consumers and businesses. Particularly for the latter, digital transformation has a huge impact not only on the image of a company (compared t…
News 23 November 2023
Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis [update]
Work is underway on the quarterly update of data for the report “Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis”, which will be published on December 8 [Polish version: November 23]. „ Although the ranking of provinces in terms…
News 10 November 2023
Young people use BLIK [PMR study]
According to a study conducted by PMR in August 2023 for the “Online retail market in Poland 2023” report, fast transfers and BLIK are the most popular payment methods for online shopping in Poland, used by 6 out of 10 online shoppers. Fa…
News 7 November 2023
What are Poles saving on in relation to inflation?
Over the last three years, the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Cafe) industry has had to contend with various challenges, and the end of 2023 could be exceptionally tough for this sector.   A cyclical PMR survey monitoring the impact of inflation on consum…
News 16 October 2023
The HVAC market is more disrupted than ever
The recent years have been a period of exceptional disruption in the HVAC equipment market. COVID-19 brought disruptions in supply chains, delays in component production. Just as the market was adapting to the new environment, the war in Ukraine erup…
News 4 September 2023
Slump in demand in the thermal insulation materials industry
Following previous record-breaking years, the thermal insulation materials industry is facing a profound decline in demand, which has been ongoing since mid-2022. Will the downward trend continue? The research and analysis company forecasts a gradual…
News 25 July 2023
Poles spend ever more in grocery stores – inflation is not the only market driver
In 2022, the frequency with which Poles cooked at home was higher than the year before, and the value of the grocery retail market increased at a double-digit rate to PLN 368bn, according to PMR latest report: “Grocery retail market in Poland 2…
News 25 July 2023
HoReCa market under a strong impact of price increases in 2023
In 2022, the value of the HoReCa market grew at a double-digit rate, according to PMR latest report “HoReCa market in Poland 2023. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028.” This was possible thanks to the gradual recovery …
News 17 July 2023
The dental market looks to the future with a smile
According to PMR estimates, the dental services market in Poland will exceed a value of 15 billion PLN in 2023, with an increasing share of that market being generated by the private sector. The report “Dental Services Market in Poland 2023: Ma…
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