We carry out narrowly focused studies of selected markets and market subgroups and cross-sectional research which encompasses multiple markets. We also publish dozens of annual industry reports.

Every year we carry out hundreds of surveys to help our clients to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the markets in which they are interested. We research B2B customers and consumers, along with competitors and suppliers, products and services, and brands and prices. The findings help our experts and advisors to develop recommendations which allow our clients to move forward.
Agnieszka Figiel

Senior Researcher





Discover the requirements of consumers, B2B customers and residents. Explore their interests, their expectations, their preferences and their criteria for choosing a product or supplier.

Benefits for our clients:

  • more abundant sales, achieved by aligning their product or manner of communicating, in the field of produce, with their customers’ needs
  • more rapid adaptation to customer needs through familiarity with new trends
  • the ability to break down groups of customers in terms of their characteristics, behaviour and stated preferences



Identify your key competitors or suppliers. Explore the products and services they offer, along with their sales channels, market shares and competitive advantages.

Benefits for our clients:

  • action plans based on information pertaining to market shares, growth rates and profitability, along with known strategies and action plans pursued by their competitors
  • changes to sales offers and modes of service delivery based on the assessment of competitive advantages
  • access to tailor-made competitor profiles covering subjects such as ownership, staff, locations, size and categories of offices, stores and production plants, along with the firm’s financial situation, advertising and visibility in the press


Explore market volume and growth potential. Obtain insights into the macroeconomic, legal and social environment. Discover how many players are active on the market. Learn about their business models and processes, their key infrastructure assets and the availability of selected services.   

Benefits for our clients:

  • the ability to make the right decision based on the assessment of investment attractiveness or sales potential
  • the ability to carry out calculations based on a structured market description, including the number and size of suppliers and customers in the areas of sales and new product design
  • identification of key market trends
  • understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with operating on a given market


Discern the extent to which the brands in which you are interested are recognisable, the associations they evoke among customers and prospects and the impact they have on their willingness to buy, along with matters pertaining to brand loyalty.

Benefits for our clients:

  • the assessment of unaided and aided brand recognition via selected sales channels and customer subgroups, which will bolster marketing and sales plans
  • brand image assessment and identification of the associations generated by their brand, which augments their marketing and sales plans
  • comparison of their competitors’ brands, logos and other marketing communications, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of each company
  • assessment of the effectiveness of their marketing expenditure on branding and other forms of promotion



We develop forecasts which incorporate dozens of key macroeconomic indicators, including the general business climate, investments, demographics, wages and salaries, along with several hundred industry-related indicators for the coming years, pertaining to tourism, internet usage and borrowing demand.

We prepare bespoke forecasting models for demand, supply, product and raw material prices, used by our clients to draft strategies and sales plans and to decide when and how much to buy, and to assess future risks on the commodity markets.

Maciej Gazda

Head of Forecasting





We gather data on the prices charged by your competitors or suppliers, helping you to monitor the rates of change in prices, and the scope and depth of special offers and discounts, along with price differentiation between sales channels and locations. Price comparisons are made across brands, products and their respective subgroups.

Benefits for our clients:

  • data pertaining to their competitors’ prices, special offers and discounts, with this allowing professional price analyses
  • insights into the positioning and pricing developments on the market, including the impact of pricing on sales
  • the identification of price ranges acceptable from the customer’s viewpoint
  • the ability to optimise their pricing policies, special offers and discounts           


Obtain a comprehensive assessment of your products or services and of the way in which they are described and sold. Identify price ranges and characteristic quality levels, substitutes and complementary products.

Explore the design of product bundles and the structure of your competitors’ or suppliers’ product portfolios to understand their internal logic.

Benefits for our clients:

  • the identification of key products and services, including market innovations and new technological and business developments
  • the ability to design products and services which meet their customers’ needs in a more comprehensive fashion
  • detailed comparative analyses for the development of sales offers, marketing communication and product pricing
  • the ability to optimise their own product portfolio

We use proven research
and analytical methods.

We develop our own innovative
techniques and tools.


Qualitative research
  • when you want to understand the market and consumers, and look for answers to questions of how, why and what
  • when you look for interpretation, description, words and pictures
  • when you want to expand on the details of the picture
Examples of methods: IDI, TDI, focus groups, creative groups, design thinking and service thinking workshops, product testing, text and image analysis


Quantitative research
  • when you look for information expressed in numbers, and seek an answer to the question of how much
  • when you want to compare opinions, developments and trends
  • when you want to “zoom out” to see a general and holistic picture, and gain an “aerial” overview
Examples of methods: interviews, CAPI, CATI, CAWI, PAPI, TAPI, panels, syndicates, omnibuses


Research analytics
  • when you need to analyse and interpret the information you have
Examples of methods: segmentation, developing consumer and market indicators, text analysis and text mining, image analysis, machine learning algorithms and geospatial analysis
We belong to the ESOMAR
(European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals), whose goal is to raise the quality and ethical standards of opinion and market research. The ESOMAR establishes standards for survey design and data collection and analysis. We operate in accordance with the principles stipulated in the Society’s Code of Ethics: the ESOMAR Code of Ethics for Market Research Professionals.
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