REPORT 30/11/2023
Cybersecurity market in Poland
Market analysis and development forecasts - report has been published!
REPORT 29/11/2023
Precast concrete market in Poland
Market analysis and development forecasts - report has been published!
NEWS 14/11/2023
Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis [update]
Work is underway on the quarterly update of data for the report “Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis”, which will be published on December 8 [Polish version: November 23]. „ Although the ranking of provinces in terms of the size of the construction market has not undergone major changes, it is worth noting the […]
REPORT 13/11/2023
Sports goods retail market in Poland
Planned publication date:
13 December - ask about the pre-order offer
NEWS 10/11/2023
Young people use BLIK [PMR study]
According to a study conducted by PMR in August 2023 for the “Online retail market in Poland 2023” report, fast transfers and BLIK are the most popular payment methods for online shopping in Poland, used by 6 out of 10 online shoppers. Fast transfers and BLIK are also the two most frequently chosen and preferred […]
REPORT 08/11/2023
Clothing and footwear retail market in Poland
Market analysis and development forecasts - report has been published!
NEWS 07/11/2023
What are Poles saving on in relation to inflation?
Over the last three years, the HoReCa industry has had to contend with various challenges, and the end of 2023 could be exceptionally tough for this sector.
Our mission is to provide recommendations and reliable data to drive key decision-making processes. We offer the latest reports, along with industry research and analysis, including that carried out through the Market Intelligence platform.

REPORT 31/10/2023
Report "Online retail market in Poland"
has been published!
NEWS 16/10/2023
The HVAC market is more disrupted than ever
The recent years have been a period of exceptional disruption in the HVAC equipment market. COVID-19 brought disruptions in supply chains, delays in component production. Just as the market was adapting to the new environment, the war in Ukraine erupted, causing significant investment uncertainty and sharp fluctuations in energy and raw material prices. Inflation in […]
REPORT 13/10/2023
Report "ICT market in Poland"
has been published!
REPORT 15/09/2023
Report about thermal insulation in Poland
has been published!
Analysis of the treatment costs
of the most popular diseases in Poland for the world’s leading providers of insurance and pension products
Slump in demand in the thermal insulation materials industry
Following previous record-breaking years, the thermal insulation materials industry is facing a profound decline in demand, which has been ongoing since mid-2022. Will the downward trend continue? The research and analysis company forecasts a gradual improvement in the situation in its latest report on the thermal insulation materials market. Sharp decline in market size and […]
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Analysis of the situation and trends on the construction market in Poland: market participants’ perspective
For one of the global producers of building materials with companies in Poland, we conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders operating on the Polish construction market in order to learn their perspective on the current market situation and expected trends in the short and long term. Project objectives Faced with the work […]
TESTIMONIAL 17/08/2023
We appreciate the words of recognition
We are proud that we can influence the success of our clients
Accuracy of annual forecasts for the cosmetics retail market
Accuracy of annual forecasts for the cosmetics retail market We determined the forecast accuracy by using the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE), demonstrating how much PMR’s forecasts differed, on average, from the actual values:      where n is the number of periods (years) for which the variable is forecast.    The key obstacle to […]
Poles spend ever more in grocery stores – inflation is not the only market driver
In 2022, the frequency with which Poles cooked at home was higher than the year before, and the value of the grocery retail market increased at a double-digit rate to PLN 368bn, according to PMR latest report: “Grocery retail market in Poland 2023. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2023-2028.”   Find comprehensive information about […]
The dental market looks to the future with a smile
According to PMR estimates, the dental services market in Poland will exceed a value of 15 billion PLN in 2023, with an increasing share of that market being generated by the private sector. The report “Dental Services Market in Poland 2023: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2023-2028” indicates that the market will achieve double-digit […]
Understanding dermocosmetic users in Central-Eastern Europe and beyond: qualitative and quantitave research study
Objective of project The main objective of the project was to better understand the users of dermocosmetics in our client’s less well understood markets. To meet the objective, in the research conducted in each of the seven markets (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, UK), we asked consumers about their purchase motivations, factors considered […]
Every year we carry out hundreds of surveys to help our clients better understand the markets in which they are interested. We research B2B clients and consumers, in addition to competitors and suppliers, products and services, brands and prices. In the wake of the findings, our experts and advisors develop recommendations which allow our clients to move forward.

We carry out specialist research in selected markets and market subgroups, along with simultaneous cross-sectional studies in multiple countries. We publish dozens of regular annual industry reports.
REPORT 07/07/2023
Report "Pay TV and VOD market in Poland"
has been published - gain access!
Interview with Artur Białkowski, Managing Director of Business Services Division at Medicover
At conversation with PMR, Artur Białkowski assessed the situation in the private healthcare market, discussing various issues currently faced by the industry and considering its development prospects.  Artur Białkowski Member of the Board of Medicover and the Managing Director of the Business Services Division at Medicover. How do you assess the situation in the private […]
REPORT 27/06/2023
Report "Private healthcare market in Poland"
has been published - gain access!
Dynamic situation in the renewable energy market
The Russian aggression in Ukraine has rendered the current shape of the energy system in Europe obsolete. Energy prices in 2022 skyrocketed to levels that forced individual countries and the entire EU to intervene in order to stabilize the situation. Faced with new conditions, the need for finding a new, more resilient model, impervious to […]
REPORT 13/06/2023
Report about HoReCa market in Poland
has been published - gain access!
Poles are spending more and more on dermocosmetics online
According to PMR estimates, the dermocosmetics market in Poland will be worth nearly PLN 2.7 billion in 2023, and an increasing portion of this market is generated by online sales. The report “The Dermocosmetics Market in Poland 2023: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2023-2028” indicates that sales in this channel of distribution will achieve […]

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