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Create a convincing sales offer

Our work typically involves:

  • summarising survey findings pertaining to customer needs and expectations
  • an analysis of markets and customer subgroups in terms of their potential, existing product offer, competition and barriers to entry
  • the development of new offers or the optimising of the existing sales offer – structural changes, e.g., bundling, modularisation, rebundling and unbundling, and changes in communication and presentation modes
  • building a unique selling proposition (USP)
  • generating a sales argument based on your company’s competitive advantages and customer benefits
  • developing methods for estimating economic benefits and demonstrating the usefulness of products and services to your customers


Draft a realistic sales plan which meets strategic objectives

Our work typically involves:

  • assessing the market and its subgroups
  • forecasting market growth, in addition to analysing your competitors’ performance and shares as a proportion of supplier portfolios to establish commercial targets which are more robust than those based on historical data extrapolation
  • drafting sales plans at country, category, product group, customer subgroup and sales team level
  • analysing the compatibility of lower-level plans with your company’s strategy
  • dividing responsibilities for sales activities in terms of both revenue and margin


Supply your company management, your sales force and sales support with the tools required to implement the sales plan

Our work typically involves:

  • the design of tools used to speed up the drafting of sales offers
  • tools to speed up the pricing of sales offers
  • tools designed to bring about the most effective possible presentation of sales offers to customers
  • tools to automate the work of sales departments to maximise time efficiency
  • sales reports which monitor selected industry and customer-specific revenue, cost, margin and customer indicators, broken down as required        


Match the size and structure of your organisation and your remuneration system to your sales plan to improve your chances of achieving its goals

Our work typically involves:

  • choosing a model for entering a new market or customer subgroup
  • estimating the size of the team needed and a comparison with the workforces of other organisations
  • matching the size of your sales force to your sales plans, optimising the structure in terms of competency levels, sales channels and methods, and the geographical breakdown of customers
  • assessing your sales force competency and making staffing decisions
  • designing a new remuneration system or optimising your existing system, with a view to achieving business objectives
  • estimating your salary budget and a comparison with those of other organisations
To what extent do large and medium-sized enterprises meet their sales plans?
Under normal market conditions, most companies plan for real, i.e. above-inflation, sales increases of several percent. On average, volume or revenue growth plans boast higher figures than those of overall margin plans.
The most productive 25% of large and medium-sized companies are able to grow year on year by approximately ten to several tens of percentage points in terms of both their revenue and margins.
Approximately 20-25% of large and medium-sized enterprises meet none, or a small proportion of, their sales targets, and only around 15% of companies meet them in full.
On average, large and medium-sized enterprises succeed in fulfilling their growth plans to a degree of approximately 70%.

By implementing appropriate sales measures, higher-than-average growth levels can be achieved.

What determines the above-average performance of the leading companies, according to their managers?
The development of new sales strategies, better persuasion skills and clearer communication of the sales proposition value, full use of customer segmentation, use of the internet and new technologies, better collaboration between sales personnel and the rest of the organisation and improved sales force expertise.
The development of products and services which are better tailored to the customer’s needs, the ability to build long-term relationships with customers and the appropriate use of the company’s internal resources.

Development of sales by means of new channels and territorial expansion.
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