We analyse the broadly defined healthcare market, including pharmaceutical sales through pharmacy and non-pharmacy channels.

We monitor the market and offer specialist analyses on the subject of private healthcare, dentistry, diagnostic imaging and laboratory diagnostics, public and non-public hospitals, OTC products, dietary supplements and dermocosmetics, along with the markets for care for the elderly, psychiatry and molecular diagnostics.
Marta Marszałek

Senior Analyst

Analysis of the treatment costs of the most popular diseases in Poland
Project objectives Our long-term client, one of the world’s leading providers of insurance and pension products, sought data on the costs of treating the most likely diseases in Poland. It was particularly concerned with the patient’s perspective. The analysis was also to cover information on rare diseases, for the treatment of which patients in Poland […]
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Understanding dermocosmetic users in Central-Eastern Europe and beyond: qualitative and quantitave research study
Objective of project The main objective of the project was to better understand the users of dermocosmetics in our client’s less well understood markets. To meet the objective, in the research conducted in each of the seven markets (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, UK), we asked consumers about their purchase motivations, factors considered […]
Interview with Artur Białkowski, Managing Director of Business Services Division at Medicover
At conversation with PMR, Artur Białkowski assessed the situation in the private healthcare market, discussing various issues currently faced by the industry and considering its development prospects.  Artur Białkowski Member of the Board of Medicover and the Managing Director of the Business Services Division at Medicover. How do you assess the situation in the private […]

We offer a specialist panel for the medical and pharmaceutical industry which will proffer more than 4,000 participants.

Our fieldwork research is conducted by physicians, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The collected data is delivered to the principals or healthcare agencies for whom we are working.



Market analysis – key areas

Hospitals, laboratory diagnostic services, private healthcare, dental services, care for the elderly, psychiatric care.


Medical diagnostics
Diagnostic imaging, in vitro diagnostics, molecular diagnostics, surgical robotics.


Pharmaceutical products
Biological and biosimilar medicines, dermocosmetics, dietary supplements, distribution, OTC drugs, nutritional supplements for athletes.
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Poles are spending more and more on dermocosmetics online
According to PMR estimates, the dermocosmetics market in Poland will be worth nearly PLN 2.7 billion in 2023, and an increasing portion of this market is generated by online sales. The report “The Dermocosmetics Market in Poland 2023: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2023-2028” indicates that sales in this channel of distribution will achieve […]
Rapid growth in over-the-counter (OTC) product trade on the Internet
In the years 2017-2022, the market for online trade of OTC products (non-prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and dermocosmetics) grew at a rate of 23% annually, taking into account nominal dynamics. According to our forecasts, its value will reach 2.8 billion PLN in net prices by 2023. This amount includes sales of the mentioned products in […]
Pharmaceutical distribution in Turkey – market analysis
Our client, an investment fund, expressed interest in conducting a market analysis on pharmaceutical distribution in Turkey. Objective of project The client wanted to identify key players as well as trends in the wholesale and retail pharmaceutical market in Turkey. As part of the market analysis, we also identified factors that need to be considered […]