We analyse a variety of industrial areas – including energy and resource extraction, chemicals and petrochemicals, metals and agriculture and the automotive and aerospace industries. 

We follow new developments and technologies such as 3D printing, nanotechnology, industrial automation, AI and other Industry 4.0 solutions. We constantly monitor new developments in sustainability and green energy.

Senior Market Researcher

Adoption of Industry 4.0 in Poland – an assessment
PSI Polska, a software house that is part of the German corporation PSI AG, wanted to obtain reliable data on the adoption of the Industry 4.0 (P 4.0) concept in the Polish manufacturing sector. The company specializes in IT solutions for power, manufacturing, logistics, and public transport. Objective of project The client wanted to use the analysis […]
Industrial gases market analysis and consulting on product development
At the request of a manufacturer of industrial gases, we conducted extensive product testing and a detailed industrial gases market analysis in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany and the UK. Objective of project The aim of this research project was to:   get customer feedback regarding various aspects of usability and appearance of two prototypes […]
Segmentation of the agricultural market using marketing personas
Our client, a leader in crop protection products, had in the past conducted segmentation of the agricultural market. Results of this project had served the company well for a few years. However, recently they had been receiving more and more feedback that the segmentation is confusing. Therefore, the client needed to create new definitions for […]
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Market analysis – key areas

Mining and metallurgy
Coal mining, oil and gas production, the extraction of natural aggregates, production of powders, sorbents, aluminium, steel and copper production and processing.


Power sector
Electricity production and distribution, power plants, including CHP, nuclear energy, RES, gaseous and liquid fuel production, heat and energy recovery and flue-gas desulphurisation.


Chemical industry
Technical gases, plastics, pigments and dyes, mineral fertilisers, building materials, hydraulic binders, petrochemicals, oils and greases, bituminous masses and asphalt.


Manufacture of motor vehicles and trailers, automotive parts and accessories, tyres and motor oils.


Engines and turbines, hydraulic and pneumatic drives, pumps and compressors, machines and equipment for various industries, production of agricultural machinery and equipment.


Electronics and new technologies
Electronic component manufacturing, semiconductors, computers and peripherals, processors, components, telecommunications hardware, smart homes and electronic security systems.
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