The delivery of the highest standards of service is a priority for PMR Ltd. Sp. z o.o. (“PMR”). This task is achieved in accordance with the most rarefied professional ideals and as a result of constant improvements in methods, tools and services. 


  General rules
  1. PMR permits the copying and printing of free information, on an unrestricted and extensive basis. This is published on websites, with the exception of material which is available only after a registration, request, contact or order form has been completed and the contact data provided.  
  2. PMR permits the copying and printing of free and widely available communications and materials: i.e., press releases, open news and articles which are available without the need to provide any contact data or to complete any contact, or registration or order, form. 
  3. Communications and materials which cannot be copied and printed without written PMR approval include: articles, analyses, charts, and reports and news which become available only after the registration, request, contact or order form has been filled in and the contact data provided, with the receipt of an e-mail or e-newsletter sent by PMR being a further stipulation. 

    Authorised use
  4. The quoting of PMR data, analyses, articles and information is possible, but this must take place in accordance with the following rule: 

    4.1  all parts of the text, images, graphics or tables must be presented with the annotation: ‘Source: PMR’;

    4.2  in the case of a PMR analyst: the person’s name, surname and job title should be indicated, along with PMR’s designation as the employer; 

    4.3  the quoted text must not be modified or presented out of context. 

  5. Whenever any information or article provided by PMR by means of the internet is quoted, the logo, along with a link to the PMR website, must be presented, as shown below:


    <a href= target=”_blank” style=”border: none”> 
    <img src= alt=”PMR Market Experts” style=”width: 347px; height: 66px; border: none”> 

    Commercial use
  6. The commercial use of any of PMR communications and materials without prior PMR consent is strictly forbidden. Any form of use of data or analyses which differs from those described in the Citation Policy, or which makes any references to PMR in advertisements, press releases, presentations or other informative, marketing or business materials of any kind requires PMR consent on each occasion on which such references are sought. PMR will respond to each such enquiry at the earliest possible moment.

    Artificial intelligence  
  7. Any use by artificial intelligence applications of communications and materials available on the websites is prohibited unless the conditions described in points 1 to 6 are met. 

    Limitations of liability  
  8. PMR is not responsible for any errors and omissions or the results obtained from the use of information presented in PMR products, services, news and analyses, on PMR websites and in other materials. PMR guarantees that the information is based on analysis and research carried out by PMR alone, and on independent and reliable sources of data. For more detailed information about the limitations on liability please refer to our

    Updates of this Citation Policy 
  9. This Citation Policy may change from time to time without notice. The binding version of this Citation Policy will be posted on the websites. PMR claims the right to use its research results as well as, along with the right to refuse to permit third parties to publish such data.