We examine the IT, TV and VOD markets and telecommunications service providers, along with software and cybersecurity system developers. 

We develop specialist analyses on integrated services,
data centres and the cloud.

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REPORT 30/11/2023
Cybersecurity market in Poland 2023
Market analysis and development forecasts - report has been published!
REPORT 27/11/2023
tions market in Poland
Planned publication date:
29 December - ask about the pre-order offer
Digital transformation of enterprises in Poland 2023
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REPORT 13/10/2023
Report about ICT market in Poland 2023
is out now - gain access to market analysis and forecasts!
REPORT 12/09/2023
Report about telecommunications services
for business and carrrier segment in Poland is out now!
Accuracy of annual forecasts for the pay TV and VOD services market
Accuracy of annual forecasts for the cosmetics retail market We determined the forecast accuracy by using the mean absolute percentage error (MAPE), demonstrating how much PMR’s forecasts differed, on average, from the actual values:      where n is the number of periods (years) for which the variable is forecast.    The crucial obstacle to […]

Market analysis – key areas

Hardware – servers, workstations, desktops and laptops, printers, accessories, VARs and VADs, software – business, ERP, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, analytical (BI) systems, specialist industrial solutions; services – IT outsourcing, body leasing, maintenance and support, system and application integration, hardware and software installation, software implementation, dedicated and bespoke software – software house services, the gaming market and the GameDev industry.


Mobile telephony, fixed-line telephony, including VoIP, internet and broadband providers (ISPs), fibre optic lines (FTTH, FTTB, FTTx), mobile internet and value-added services (VAS), integrated telecommunications services, telecommunications services for business and operators (the wholesale market) – Ethernet, infrastructure rental, dark fibres, DWDM services and data transmission (IPVPN, MPLS).


Data centres and cloud computing
Data centre construction and development, data centre services, colocation, hosting, virtual servers, dedicated servers, cloud services, disaster recovery centre (DRC) and disaster recovery office (DRO) services, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, private, public and hybrid clouds.


Software – antivirus, firewalls, anti-DDoS protection, NGFW hardware and application-based solutions, services – back-up and archiving, network and operating system security, endpoint security, security outsourcing, managed security services (MSS), SOC/SIEM services.


Television, video-on-demand and streaming
Pay TV, video-on-demand – subscription (SVOD), transactional (TVOD), advertising-funded (AVOD), cable TV, IPTV, satellite TV, OTT services, pay-per-view (PPV), video, multimedia and music streaming, online access to previously broadcast content, digital TV.


Digital transformation
Internet of Things, Industry 4.0
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REPORT 10/08/2023
Report "B2B online retail market in Poland"
- is available now!
Spending on services purchased online to increase to PLN 79bn in 2023
According to PMR data, in 2022 the market of online retail trade in services in Poland reached PLN 68bn, a third more than in 2021, and its future growth will be driven by users’ migration to the online distribution channel. The market has doubled its value since the pandemic According to the PMR report, the […]
By 2030, the size of the data center market in Poland may exceed 500 MW
PMR forecasts, based on mapped investments by the largest providers, as well as announcements and plans by new players, indicate that Polish data centers will exceed 500 MW of power by 2030. The conservative scenario and minimum plan, assuming strong phased investments, would achieve about half of the indicated power by 2028.a The latest PMR […]