Customer service


Discover the requirements of consumers, B2B customers and residents. Explore their interests, their expectations, their preferences and their criteria for choosing a product or supplier.

Agnieszka Figiel

Senior Researcher





Listen to your customers’ expectations. Discover what your customers’ preferences are for products and services. Let your customers evaluate your existing or developed products. Analyse the manner in which your offer and the offers of your competitors meet customer expectations. Optimise your own products.


Develop customer segmentation in terms of behaviour, characteristics and expectations. Explore the differences between customer subgroups and the impact which these have on shopping patterns, product selection and willingness to pay. Translate the segmentation results into marketing, sales, distribution and product efforts.


Discover your customers’ key purchasing criteria. Gauge the significance of sales, price, logistics, after-sales service and various product and service features as criteria. Explore the relationship between the performance of the various business functions and the degree to which customers’ needs are met.


Ascertain the degree to which customers are satisfied with your product or service. See how satisfaction varies by location, category of service or product and process, and the way in which these change over time. Compare satisfaction levels with those of your competitors’ customers. Explore the factors which bring about the most positive and negative consequences in the field of customer satisfaction. Streamline the processes which shape customer perceptions to the greatest possible extent.

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