We help companies to select and deploy the most productive growth strategies, and to build and effectively implement business strategies, in mergers and acquisitions, in addition to digital transformations. We boost their marketing and sales efficiency and improve their profitability by optimising price management.

Dariusz Śmiejkowski

Chief Executive Officer




Boost your marketing efficiency. Transform marketing into a tool which supports your sales efforts, along with competition and customer analyses.

Benefits for our clients:                            

  • reaching more customers with communication of values and improved brand awareness
  • maximised return on promotional and advertising spend (RoAS)
  • reorienting their marketing activities to support sales and generate sales leads
  • competencies in the area of competition and customer analysis


Improve your sales performance. Deploy better sales processes and tools.

Benefits for our clients:                                           

  • sustained sales growth by means of the optimisation of efforts at market and customer subgroup levels
  • sales plans and tools for effective customer outreach
  • a working environment for sales specialists which allows them to harness their individual potential in full
  • more effective remuneration systems and organisational structures


Design a realistic strategy based on market analysis, focusing on sustainable competitive advantages, customer needs and profitable growth areas.

Benefits for our clients:

  • sustainable competitive advantages
  • a focus of their company’s efforts on customer needs and profitable growth areas
  • more productive activity prioritisation and planning
  • objective assessment of strategic options and the input of industry experts in strategy development


Improve the profitability of your business!

Benefits for our clients:              

  • higher level of profitability by means of changes in regular prices, surcharges, discounts, special offers and other commercial conditions
  • price optimisation based on the analysis of pricing policies and key competitor positioning, along with customer research
  • tools designed to monitor customer profitability, contracts and individual transactions
  • help with negotiations and pay talks, along with internal programmes designed to change the attitudes of employees toward profitability


Gain a competitive advantage through digital transformation. Minimise implementation risks. Exploit market potential through comprehensive process optimisation, the development of new digital platforms and the deployment of innovative technologies.

Our approach:               

  • assessing the benefits for customers and your company
  • selecting the right technologies
  • minimising implementation risks, planning, in a realistic manner, in terms of time and cost, and smooth project implementation
  • expert selection of the most reliable partners


Use mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale of your business and to become more competitive in the marketplace.

Our approach:                             

  • identifying potential acquisition targets
  • appropriate valuation by means of a due diligence study
  • achieving the intended market outcomes through the successful implementation of the entire process
  • process, market and cost optimisation of the combined organisations
NEWS 21/07/2021
Construction materials prices rising fastest in civil engineering
The sharp increases in construction materials prices observed in recent months coupled with uncertainty as to how prices might behave in the coming quarters have considerably raised the level of risk for general contractors and investors. Predicting and estimating project costs has become difficult, especially in the case of complex projects that take a long […]
CASE STUDY 03/04/2019
Price optimisation in convenience retail: a price sensitivity measurement
A leading convenience store retailer turned to PMR to assist with optimising pricing in its stores. We conducted a large study that measured consumer price perceptions across three store chains. Objective of project Making sure prices are optimally set is vital for retailers, especially when it comes to products with a long life cycle. Most […]
CASE STUDY 20/05/2019
Market feasibility study and market entry strategy recommendation for portable gensets
Our client, the world leader in power generation and a portable genset manufacturer with ambitious growth plans, turned to PMR with a request for conducting market research and market entry strategy recommendation.  Objectives of project This study was an introduction to assessing market potential and designing a market entry strategy in the Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech markets for […]
CASE STUDY 09/03/2016
Consulting in an acquisition process in the FMCG market
Objective of project We offered our client – one of the leading companies in distribution of FMCG goods in Central and Eastern Europe – our consultancy services in the acquisition process of a company operating on the Polish market. We conducted a due diligence review of the company that our client intended to purchase. We […]
Our approach to consulting projects:
open and constructive communication with the client
recommendations based on facts, good practice, knowledge of market mechanisms and experience
we do not build project teams made up of people with little experience
clear separation of fact-based analyses from forecasts, simulations and creative work
a clear and structured approach to the project which defines its scope, aims, assumptions, hypotheses, exclusions, resources and time
we do not start work until we have understood the client’s needs and the level of support required for the project within the organisation
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