Use mergers and acquisitions to expand the scale of your business and to become more competitive in the marketplace.


Chief Executive Officer


Choose the right company to acquire or merge with

Our work typically involves:

  • identifying acquisition or merger targets
  • defining selection criteria for, perhaps, the desired competitive advantages or competencies, and opportunities to scale up operations or refine the business model
  • identifying and evaluating companies for acquisition or merger through market analysis
  • preparing a proposal for talks


The valuation of a company in the course of the due diligence process and the conducting of effective negotiations

Our work typically involves:

  • the pre-transaction valuation of companies – proposing a valuation or verifying the proposed price and additional purchase conditions
  • representing you in the negotiation process
  • due diligence pertaining to the companies to be merged for buyers and sellers, covering the areas of finance, taxation, legal matters, the market, and operational and IT changes
  • investment risk assessment


We achieve the desired outcomes by preparing and managing the entire process in an efficient manner

Our work typically involves:

  • drafting a development strategy for the merged companies
  • identifying the funding for M&A transactions
  • an effective carve-out of the business to be sold during the M&A process
  • drafting investment agreements to ensure successful transformation and mitigate identified investment risks
  • communicating changes to owners, managers, employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders


We help you to take advantage of the full market and economic potential of the combined organisation

Our work typically involves:

  • post-transaction support, including the integration of the merged businesses
  • merging the various functions of the organisation, including marketing, sales, production, logistics, IT, HR and finance
  • merging the service and product portfolios and customer service processes
  • optimising the merged companies in terms of their organisation, market and costs, in addition to restructuring and reorganising parts of the business
Well-implemented mergers and acquisitions are a source of synergy for buyers and constitute the most advantageous form of business exit for sellers
additional sales resulting from broader business relationships, a more comprehensive offer, greater geographical coverage, increased visibility and new services and products created as a result of the deal
an improvement in the financial standing of the combined organisation, including the elimination of duplicated functions and resources, in addition to tax benefits and greater influence
ability to share managerial and specialist competences, expertise and skills and the existing organisational solutions, not least in production, logistics and IT
increased efficiency of internal investment: in particular the ability to achieve the same outcomes with less substantial resources
a significant improvement in the company’s competitiveness from the customer's point of view
negotiating position with regard to suppliers improved by factors such as an increase in the business scale and market structure changes
the cross-selling of the products and services of both companies
greater business diversification: for example, when acquiring or merging with a foreign company
Reorganise the business to be sold to maximise its price
setting sale targets and boundary parameters, including the period of time which can be used to prepare the business for sale
spinning off and optimising the core part of the business to be sold in terms of maximising its EBITDA, revenue or market share, depending on the anticipated or approved preferences of the buying party
sale or other divestment of the remaining parts of the business
identifying and assessing potential funds and strategic investors
preparing a proposal for talks
representing you in the negotiations
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