Our research covers residential and non-residential construction, infrastructure projects and building materials.

We provide crucial information on market value and change, on strategies pursued by the key market players and on planned and ongoing construction projects.

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REPORT 15/03/2024
Sustainable construction in Poland 2024
Crucial trends and development forecasts - report has been published!
REPORT 22/12/2023
Public and non-public hospital market in Poland
Investment plans and comparative analysis by voivodship - is out now!
REPORT 30/11/2023
Precast concrete market in Poland 2023
Market analysis and development forecasts - report has been published!
Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis [update]
Work is underway on the quarterly update of data for the report “Construction sector in Poland – regional analysis”, which will be published on December 8 [Polish version: November 23]. „ Although the ranking of provinces in terms of the size of the construction market has not undergone major changes, it is worth noting the […]
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NEWS 16/10/2023
The HVAC market is more disrupted than ever
The recent years have been a period of exceptional disruption in the HVAC equipment market. COVID-19 brought disruptions in supply chains, delays in component production. Just as the market was adapting to the new environment, the war in Ukraine erupted, causing significant investment uncertainty and sharp fluctuations in energy and raw material prices. Inflation in […]
REPORT 18/09/2023
Thermal insulation materials market in Poland
Report has been published!
Slump in demand in the thermal insulation materials industry
Following previous record-breaking years, the thermal insulation materials industry is facing a profound decline in demand, which has been ongoing since mid-2022. Will the downward trend continue? The research and analysis company forecasts a gradual improvement in the situation in its latest report on the thermal insulation materials market. Sharp decline in market size and […]

Market analysis – key areas

Airports, industrial projects, oil and gas pipelines, power grids, renewables, photovoltaic farms, wind farms, railways, roads, stadiums and sports buildings, water and sewage , ports and water investments.


Non-residential construction
Facilities for culture, sports, education, research and healthcare, hotels, warehouses and factory halls, office buildings, shopping malls and stores, logistics platforms and telecommunications centres.


Residential construction
Single-family and multi-family homes, the mortgage market, building development programmes, modular construction.


Building materials
Cement, bathroom materials, construction chemicals, machinery and tools, doors, façade panels, windows, lifts, roofing, electrics, safety covers, HVAC, aggregates, scaffolding, prefabricated products, paint and decoration, plaster, insulation, bricks and wall construction materials.
We belong to the Polish Association of Construction Employers
The Association is a nationwide organisation of companies active in the infrastructure and construction industries, which, between them, represent more than 70% of the potential offered by the general contracting market in Poland.
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