Building a business strategy


Design a realistic strategy based on market analysis, focusing on sustainable competitive advantages, customer needs and profitable growth areas.

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Focus on what is important and lasting

Our work typically involves:

  • a summary of research findings which encompasses your competitive strengths and weaknesses and the key drivers of success
  • an analysis of the positions of your various competitors, of their histories, communicated plans and general market trends
  • the generating of strategic options by means of workshops, on the basis of expert opinions and in accordance with specialist methodologies
  • recommendations aimed at building sustainable competitive advantages, along with the strengthening, extending of, and countering the limitations of, existing practices


Focus on the customer. Pay attention to profitability, look for growth.

Our work typically involves:

  • a summary of the findings of research into customer needs and expectations
  • a systematic analysis of the profitability and growth potential of selected businesses, services, product categories, sales channels and customer subgroups
  • analysis of long-term industry growth and profitability forecasts in specific areas or the preparation of such forecasts, if none are available
  • the prioritising of initiatives which focus on customer benefits and areas which display above-average growth potential or profitability


Resolve the conundrum of the best way in which to put the planned initiatives into practice

Our work typically involves:

  • identifying ways in which to implement strategic options for the selected recommendations and translating them into a set of initiatives and actions
  • developing an implementation schedule
  • using independent expert opinions to support selected analyses
  • communicating the strategy to owners, selected managers and employees or financial markets – with this constituting a clear definition of the strategy which the company should follow, and answering the questions “how?” and “why?”


Assess the benefits, costs and chances of implementing the options considered

Our work typically involves:

  • preliminary and in-depth evaluation of the options analysed in terms of their attractiveness, implementation costs and return on investment
  • assessing the complexity, implementation time and time needed to achieve the expected benefits
  • assessing the organisational, ownership and cultural aspects of the planned changes
  • assessing the key barriers and the nature of the implementation risks
  • rapid verification of the feasibility of the selected options, running in tandem with the conceptual work
The characteristics of a good strategy:
a clear definition of the challenges and decisions facing the company
emphasis on finding an efficient way in which to achieve the critical goals rather than on defining more goals
a real prioritisation of activities – focus on a small number of key initiatives
focus on profitability and growth areas, competitive advantages and customer needs
simple and comprehensible language
Attributes of a poor strategy:
superficial understanding of the situation, no precise problem definition and no accurate diagnosis
a long list of unimportant goals and targets dictated more by ambition than by a realistic assessment of the situation
a trade-off between unconnected initiatives from different parts of the organisation, ensuring that the status quo and internal balance of power is maintained
strategy written in business jargon, newspeak, pop-culture or motivational slang, making up for factual weaknesses
strategy designed without proper research and analytical support
no understanding of the need for or any ability to develop a real competitive advantage
measures dictated by the internal needs of the organisation
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