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Tomasz Nowak

Consulting Director





Identify profitability and volume growth areas

Our work typically involves:

  • an analysis of your competitors’ pricing strategies – positioning, pricing models and policy consistency
  • analysis of your price levels, differentiation methods and change, discounts and special offers and their impact on your profitability, along with that on products and services sales volumes
  • analysis of your customers’ willingness to pay and of your product pricing flexibility
  • quantifying the potential for improvement in various areas and simulating the effects of proposed changes
  • mapping potential areas of improvement and prioritising actions


Supply your sales force and pricing professionals with the right tools

Our work typically involves:

  • selecting and defining appropriate indicators to assess your pricing, sales and profitability;
  • devising a monitoring system for your ERP, BI, CRM or POS solutions
  • implementing systems to handle escalation and exceptions to accepted rules


Increase your profitability and sales volumes

Our work typically involves:

  • aligning prices with your business strategy at company, country, category, product group and customer subgroup level
  • maximising your total margins on selected products
  • maximising your sales volume of selected products
  • ensuring a minimum return on your sales at product and customer level
  • accounting for the product prices and discounts offered by your competitors
  • selecting and implementing selected price and discount differentiation methods, e.g., those based on product value or differences in willingness to pay among the various customer subgroups
  • differentiating, coordinating or unifying prices among the sales channels
  • the design of discount and bonus schemes oriented toward the achievement of selected business objectives


Establish effective pricing, discounting and special offer management processes

Our work typically involves:

  • implementing a pricing logic which guarantees the maintenance of your optimum profitability in the long term
  • implementing pricing processes: e.g., price updates, exchange rate adjustments, periodic inflationary rises, price negotiations, tenders and auctions, reviews of discounts and bonuses granted, and evaluation of the effects of special offers
  • optimising the pricing processes by means of customer segmentation
  • preparing your sales force for negotiations
  • preparing information on price increases, discounts or special offers for your B2B customers and consumers
  • training sessions and workshops for your sales and price management specialists
  • drafting business specifications pertaining to the IT changes required for the processes to be implemented
  • developing customised IT solutions for price management
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