Analysis of the construction industry

PMR data supports key players on the construction market in developing, implementing and monitoring effective market strategies tailored to their specific business needs.

PMR’s analyses focus on construction markets not only in Poland, but in the whole of CE, CIS and SEE. We conduct in-depth, industry-specific research in four subgroups: civil engineering, non-residential, residential and building materials. We provide detailed information on market value and growth rates (historical and projected), the strategies of key players, major planned construction projects and detailed analyses of each market subgroup.

PMR’s construction market analyses are prepared by award-winning specialists. We have received many industry distinctions, including the Builder’s Laurel Award for the quality of professional advisory and research services on the construction market. The conclusions of our forecasts and analyses are presented in the form of newsletters, reports and detailed databases.

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Our portfolio also includes the PMR Inwestycje database, on which we regularly update several thousand construction investments at all stages of work – from planning and tenders to various stages of construction. We present information on the activities of investors, designers and general contractors.

The most important events and key developments on the construction market, including the competitive environment, can be studied daily on our industry service

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