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When it comes to the brand and marketing communication – we might not always like that, but the customer is always right. It’s consumers that put their trust in our product or service. The role of the manufacturer, the distributor and the researcher is to discover the factors that influence the choice of a specific offer, as well as factors that lead to the choice of competing products. And the road to building success in this area is long and winding.

We can find and implement effective strategies for brand building, as well as effective channels and tools for marketing communication – from ad concepts, through increasing brand awareness, to building a sales and marketing strategy. At each stage of launching and developing a product, we are able to offer a customised research approach and practical business advice based on solid facts.

Some of the questions our clients ask are:

  • How to translate brand awareness to the purchasing decisions of consumers?
  • How to promote the brand in the segment of B2B customers?
  • What can we do so that consumers feel like they can recommend our products to other consumers?
  • How to launch a new offer?
  • How to rebrand effectively?
  • How to increase the value of the product using the brand?

Brand image

We combine two types of research techniques to build a strong brand:

  • Qualitative study – As a result of this study, the client receives a qualitative picture of the brand in the eyes of consumers. It is a set of concepts which are used by consumers to describe the brand. In addition, it is supplemented by inspirations and new ideas for marketing communication. Qualitative research can be an independent investigation or a preliminary phase before the implementation of quantitative research. As part of the research project, we use for example the following data collection techniques: focus groups (FGIs), in-depth interviews (IDI), ethnographic research and analysis of web content.
  • Quantitative study – Quantitative methods allow you to measure the potential of the brand, and to compare it with other brands. They also allow us to compare different images of the brand that different groups of consumers might have. Quantitative methods are also used to conduct segmentation. The use of analytical methods allows indicating the brand elements relevant to consumer choices, and competitive advantages of the brand. As part of the research project, we use such data collection techniques: telephone surveys (CATIs), direct surveys (F2F), central location tests (CLT), hall tests, exit polls and internet surveys.

Marketing communication

In marketing communication research (advertisement, name, packaging, website, etc.), we typically combine quantitative and qualitative methods. We start our work with, for example, focus groups, and then move on to interviews (e.g. telephone surveys or computer-assisted telephone interviews).

Effects of our research and consulting projects

The result of our work is a comprehensive report showing:

  • data and findings from the study,
  • analyses and comments from our researchers, analysts and consultants,
  • specific recommendations on how to enhance the quality of marketing activities.

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