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PMR is the leading provider of business consulting and research services in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States. We carry out international projects for the B2B and B2C sectors.

For more than 20 years, our consultants, analysts and researchers have been supporting local and global market players, providing them with effective business solutions and expert insights into the market.

20+ years on the market
250+ projects annually
500+ global clients


  • Trusted by global corporations and local businesses
    Projects for returning customers account for the majority of our work. We often acquire new clients through recommendations. We have completed many projects for local and regional firms, as well as for global corporations – many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies.
  • Expert knowledge of the market
    Our recommendations are based on business facts, not intuition. Not only do we employ efficient professionals – we also regularly cooperate with external industry experts and technical experts. Moreover, we collect market data ourselves in our own research lab, which guarantees credibility and reliability.
  • Knowledge of local markets
    We know local markets well - their specifics and business environment. Local projects always involve professionals with the right experience in the analysed region. In this way we ensure that the analysis takes into account all relevant information, threats and business opportunities our client might encounter.
  • Practical solutions and effective strategies
    We are aware that it’s not theoretical knowledge, but real actions that build the market success of our clients. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to providing clients with mere facts – we create effective strategies, concrete action plans and practical business tools.
  • Experienced team
    Most of our employees have many years of experience in consulting in research. It’s their knowledge and skills that makes us sure we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.
  • International projects
    We have the knowledge and know-how to ensure efficient and effective implementation of projects in many countries simultaneously. Every international project is enhanced by data on global trends and a broad overview of the context surrounding the analysed issue.
  • High quality
    We don’t accept compromises when it comes to quality of our work. Whether your business is a small or medium company or a multinational corporation, you will get our full attention.
  • Our ethics
    We are committed to delivering research with security and substance. We ensure the safety of data at every stage of the project.

Makes sense.


Our goal at PMR is to provide top-quality data and guidance to help you grow your business. Making strategic choices in a fast changing global economy can be challenging. We can help you make better choices by providing you with expert insights, practical solutions and effective strategies that give your company a long-term competitive edge.


We know what makes sense in business!


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