Marketing Strategy

Reliable knowledge of the market, its development potential, customers and the overall business environment is a sound foundation on which to build effective sales and marketing strategies.

At PMR, researchers and consultants have been supporting companies in acquiring this knowledge for over 20 years. But not only that. We also show our clients how they can use in practice the information they have gathered. We advise on best possible actions to achieve real sales or profitability growth.

Sales and marketing strategies without secrets

Clients address us with a huge number of different questions. Sometimes, preliminary queries turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg. By acquiring new data, we discover new information that is crucial for the effectiveness of sales and marketing strategies.

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These are just examples of the many questions we answer:

  • How do we define the target group?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our company’s brand and those of the competitors?
  • What opportunities and risks are or will present on the company’s market?
  • How can we modify the business model to effectively implement a new strategy?
  • How can we diversify the activities with regard to different segments?
  • How to make the most of the company’s competitive advantage?

Long-term sales and marketing benefits

At PMR, we are committed to sparing our clients disappointment and failure. That is why, we offer effective sales and marketing strategies. We conduct a reliable, expert analysis of the opportunities of development plans. We recommend decisions and solutions that are targeted at long-term benefits:

  • to maximise return on investment
  • to increase in market shares
  • to maintain a loyal customer base
  • to secure a steady inflow of new consumers.

Example of research and advisory process

In order to achieve such ambitious goals, PMR researchers and consultants perform a number of detailed tasks during the project. These include most often:

  • market analysis, together with the estimation of its value, growth potential and characteristics
  • overview of the market structure and main growth factors
  • identification of business development prospects (including market niches) and risk areas
  • analysis of trends currently influencing the market and likely to shape it in the near future
  • analysis of the competition, including its activity, financial performance, offer, sales and marketing strategy, and prices
  • examination of competitiveness of the client’s offer compared to its competitors
  • consumer surveys, both in the B2C and B2B segments
  • marketing research covering product, brand, marketing and distribution.

Projects realised

Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders in the field of Head and Neck Cancer in Romania

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In-depth interviews with doctors on orphan drugs

Challenge: How do doctors evaluate the tested medical product? An international pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of innovative lifesaving …

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Online interviews with cardiologists concerning the treatment of a rare circulatory system disease

Challenge: What does the local market look like? An international research company needed local support to conduct online interviews with …

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