B2B and Expert Panels


B2B (business to business) research focuses on obtaining information about companies from their representatives.

The basic research unit in such measurements is not an individual, i.e., a customer, consumer or shopper, but a business entity – a company. B2B research is more difficult to design and more demanding in terms of its performance in comparison with B2C-oriented research, particularly at the level of data acquisition from the respondent itself. However, it can allow slightly more functions than classical consumer surveys and provide more detailed and specific market information.

Whereas B2C surveys serve to explore the market from the demand side only, B2B surveys allow the measurement of the phenomena occurring on a market or in a specific industry or group of entities from the supply and distribution side also. B2B research, with a well-chosen group of entities operating as part of a defined supply chain, or, more broadly – a process, can reveal the specificity of a business and its scale from many perspectives.

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B2B research can, like that aimed at individuals, be used to determine the characteristics, approach or decision-making process behind a company as a customer in a B2B relationship. It is possible to study satisfaction, behaviour or a market subgroup and to determine the potential among companies, just as this can be done among individual target customers.

B2B measurements also provide an opportunity to gather and assess expert knowledge from the different perspectives of a variety of market players. In qualitative projects devoted to B2B in particular, the focus is often more on explanations of the functioning of the market by its active participants than on data pertaining to the condition or position of the company (see Experts and Specialists).

Finally, B2B research is a very helpful complement to market analysis based on secondary data and sometimes one of the few opportunities to assess the efficacy of the competition.

There are some limitations to B2B assessments:

  • customarily smaller samples
  • less freedom in the choice of data collection techniques
  • the need to work with more experienced interviewers and moderators
  • the need for prior experience of such research
  • diversity of approach to diverse business target groups

PMR has specialised in B2B research for many years. We are familiar with many business models within the parameters established on the B2B market. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects in this area.
We have been commissioned by companies to study other entities and their decision-making mechanisms. We identify and acquire respondents from various companies for B2B research – including small companies, regional organisations and global corporations. We also reach out to expert groups and specialists who represent specific entities in many market areas (see also Experts and Specialists). We are assisted in this by our constantly developing B2B panels and those oriented toward expertise. These can help to reach businesses in Poland and provide an opportunity for reliable and effective observation of the constant changes taking place in this group.

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