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Our team of researchers, analysts and consultants is not afraid of any challenge. We believe in the power of our research model – customisation of our approach to the individual needs of our client, their business challenge, the industry, the region, and the project as a whole. We want to inspire our clients and show them what else they can do to improve your business results.

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Our research services

To better illustrate our skills, below is a list of the types of studies we conduct for our clients. We can carry out both quantitative and qualitative projects. In our day-to-day work we use a full range of techniques – interviews, questionnaires, tests, observations, focus groups and desk research. We’re equally capable in the B2C and B2B segment.

Consumer research

  • Behaviour recognition and analysis
  • Customer experience studies
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Loyalty analysis
  • Customer service quality studies
  • Target groups analysis
  • Market segmentation

Product research

  • Concept tests
  • Product tests
  • Price tests
  • Functionality tests
  • Taste tests

Marketing research

  • Marketing communication studies
  • Advertising tests
  • Packaging tests
  • Image studies
  • Brand analysis
  • Distribution channels analysis

Other research studies

  • B2B market studies
  • B2C market studies
  • Opinion polls
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

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Other services

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