Qualitative research

Sometimes, describing a phenomenon with numbers is not enough to respond to all the client’s needs. Deepening of the conclusions, exploring a given phenomenon or finding answers why a given phenomenon/characteristic is important for customers require a qualitative approach.

Qualitative research is complementary to quantitative methods. Often, insights gathered during a qualitative study are a valuable and useful supplement for statistics coming from the quantitative part of the research.

What is qualitative research?

Research with the use of qualitative methods allows exploration of a given phenomenon and gaining qualitative and in-depth insights that otherwise cannot be obtained. They are based on parameters not measurable with numbers, which at the same time make it possible to better understand a studied phenomenon or attitude. Qualitative surveys are conducted with smaller samples, usually purposive ones, while an important role in the process of obtaining reliable information is fulfilled by an experienced moderator.oderator.

Research methods we offer

We have experience in qualitative projects conducted in various target groups (B2B, B2C, industry experts) using the following data collection methods:

  • Expert interviews
  • In-depth interviews (IDI, TDI)
  • Focus group interviews (FGI) 
  • Participatory observation
  • Ethnographic methods.

For more information, please contact us:

Krystian Gryzło

Senior Market Researcher krystian.gryzlo@pmrcorporate.com

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We offer market research and economic analyses and forecasts prepared on request of our Clients. We specialise in market sizing, preparing development forecasts and business-to-business surveys.
PMR offers:
- Periodic reports on Retail, Construction, Pharma & Healthcare and ICT markets in CEE countries
- Quantitative and qualitative market research, including with the use of CATI, CAWI, FGI, IDI, expert interviews and other methodologies
- International fieldwork services for quantitative and qualitative research in the CEE region.

Other services provided by PMR

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