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In the pursuit of excellence and a bigger share of the market, companies invest heavily in product development. They try to outrun each other in bringing new products and services to market. The facts, however, show that half of these ideas fail when confronted with market reality and the final choice of consumers. We know which half will sink, and which one will succeed.

We answer key questions

Clients turn to us with a variety of questions about product development. Here are examples of questions we can help you answer:

  • How to create products the consumers will fall in love with?
  • Which strategy select to successfully launch a new product?
  • How to improve a product so it will generate more value for the consumer?
  • Which parameters make the consumer choose a competing product?
  • How to create a product experience that will outshine all others?

We offer a comprehensive approach

Product development is treated comprehensively by us. We offer the following complementary blocks of services:

  • Creation – We support the creation of new product concepts and test available solutions.
  • Innovation – We identify new consumer needs and look for innovative ways to answer those needs.
  • Improvement – If it’s broken, we will fix it! We look for ways to make existing products better, so that they can meet the changing needs of consumers.
  • Verification – We keep track of what the consumer needs, and what has to be changed.
  • A holistic approach to the marketing mix – We advise on how best to connect the product with its price, promotion and distribution.

We provide a wide range of methodologies and techniques

Our projects may include the following elements:

  • Workshops with the client – We believe that research aimed at product development must be designed in close cooperation with the client commissioning the project. Therefore workshops – including representatives of our company and representatives of various departments of the client’s company – are often an essential component of the research process.
  • Qualitative research, including:
    • FGIs (focus group interviews) and their variations (mini groups, dyads, etc.),
    • IDIs (individual in-depth interviews),
    • Elements of observation and ethnography which are a great way of supplementing research based on declarations,
    • Creative groups and workshop groups,
  • Quantitative research – online and offline (virtually any type),
  • CLT (central location test, also called a hall test), which tests concepts and products in the form of direct interviews,
  • HUT (home user test), or home product testing.

We analyse every aspect of product development

Through the use of a variety of consumer and marketing research, we are able to significantly speed up product development. Research applied in this area differs in terms of subject matter and methodology. But they all become a reliable basis for making business decisions in the area of manufacturing, sales and marketing. We can carry out any type of research and analysis.

  • Concept testing
  • Product testing
  • Price testing
  • Marketing communication research
  • Distribution channel research
  • Market segmentation
  • Demand analysis
  • Competitive analysis

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