Market sizing

Market sizing

The size of the market in which a company operates, and the growth rate of that market, are among the most important pieces of information for strategic planning. Information on the market value allows large market players to assess their own market share and to determine the growth or decline of that share in the following years. In turn, forecasting at what pace a given sector will develop helps market players to plan development activities more accurately.

Market size or market value is the total sales (in physical or monetary units) of products or services of a particular type in a country, usually recorded on an annual basis. In some industries, other measurements are traditionally used, such as aggregated revenues of market players or total expenditure of end users.

While data on the size of major economic sectors is usually publicly available, for niche industries there is usually no readily available, reliable information on how much a sector is worth and what its growth rate is. Then, the correct calculation of the market value requires a sound, validated methodological approach and involvement of significant analytical resources.

For over 20 years PMR has specialised in calculating the value of markets for which direct statistical data are not available. We have developed our own methodology for this purpose based on the simultaneous application of multiple research techniques. Depending on the studied topic, our approach may include analysis of statistical and administrative data, use of local and international sources, econometric modelling, data scraping, CATI, CAPI and CAWI surveys conducted on representative samples of manufacturers, distributors or end users, as well as expert interviews. The use of mixed research methodology allows to supplement missing or incomplete data and to cross-check the reliability of information obtained from uncertain sources. It also improves the precision of estimates.

We have carried out hundreds of projects which involved market sizing. Examples of industries which we have covered with our analyses:

  • concrete paving market
  • lift and escalator market
  • ERP software market
  • fibre-optic cable sector
  • pay TV market
  • pharmaceutical distribution
  • liposuction services market in Poland
  • sports nutrition market
  • defibrillator market
  • blood pressure monitors market
  • premium food market
  • sports facilities market
  • baby pram and stroller market
  • market of selected meat types
  • electronics market
  • market of agricultural tractors
  • mining machinery market
  • natural stone market
  • home furnishings market
  • the HoReCa sector
  • power tools market
  • tights market.

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