Market Modelling & Forecasts

Detailed data on the volume and value of the market, as well as reliable market forecasts – that is the essential starting point for any strategic analysis which should inform any company’s crucial business decisions. This is why it is so important to get a fair assessment of the current and expected market situation. Moreover, this data must be based on the latest market research and take into account the nature of the industry and segment.

Accurate answers to questions about market forecasts

  • What is the current market value?
  • What is the expected dynamics of the market in the coming years?
  • What are the growth factors and development barriers that impact the whole market? How to measure their impact on a single business?
  • What macroeconomic variables should be monitored regularly?
  • How to determine the most likely scenario of market development?
  • What are the significant new trends that will affect the development of the industry in the coming years?

Practical recommendations pointing the way to success

What can our client expect?

  • A clear picture of the current market situation.
  • Reliable market forecasts.
  • Various possible market scenarios.
  • The most likely market development scenarios.
  • Practical tips and recommendations pointing the way to success.

What sample decisions a company can make based on our forecasts?

  • Which market segment is best suited for investment?
  • How to modify the product portfolio?
  • What market segments to isolate?
  • Which market entry strategy is best?
  • How to adjust the budget for anticipated changes in the market?

Approach that ensures the reliability of forecasts

  • We take into account macroeconomic forecasts.
  • We take into account the specific nature of the local market.
  • We analyse data on the factors influencing supply and demand.
  • We include feedback from the market and results from marketing research.
  • We analyse the situation of the industry on a global, international, regional and local scale.
  • We use advanced quantitative methods and econometric modelling.
  • We enhance the analysis of trends – current and future – with data on their impact on the market and the specific company.
  • We analyse potential structural changes in the market.
  • We identify specific factors associated with a given area of forecasting.
  • We harmonise data collected from various sources so it is consistent and comparable.

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