International research

A number of our projects involve research and analysis of international markets. Our clients choose this type of studies usually when they are interested in entering a new market or markets about which they do not have sufficient knowledge. Often, these projects concern brand awareness and demand for certain types of products in different countries.

  • What is the potential of new markets in the CEE region?
  • How to benchmark a company or product on several markets?
  • How to find new sales channels and markets?
  • How do consumers differ from country to country?
  • Should the company’s offer be adapted to the attitudes and expectations of customers in different countries?

What do we offer?

  • Projects covering several countries simultaneously
  • Expert knowledge on the Central and Eastern European markets
  • Services of experts in the local markets, familiar with their realities
  • Experience in projects describing the market and barriers to market entry
  • Experience in coordinating international projects, conducted also outside Europe (e.g. in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, Japan and others).

Our clients are supported by PMR’s experienced project manager as the contact person to coordinate the project in multiple countries. This way:

  • we guarantee methodological consistency
  • consistent results allow comparisons
  • client-agency communication process is efficient
  • our client saves time.

How do we do it?

As part of international research we are able to carry out projects based on any methodology. When developing the plan of an international project, we take into account the local conditions, such as internet access or other circumstances specific to a given country’s market. Thanks to this, we are able to offer a methodology that guarantees fast implementation of the project, while ensuring representative and properly profiled sampling.


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