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Our clients, while planning to take strategic decisions, require appropriate information support or verification of their own data and analyses. The market conditions for starting new activities – ranging from macroeconomic to the immediate competitive environment – are the basis of the analyses that translate into the description of a market potential..

  • How big is the market and what are its growth prospects in the coming years?
  • What are the main players?
  • What are the key trends and market segments?

In the rapidly changing world, it is extremely important to study the market situation before taking any appropriate business action. Knowledge of new players, products, advertising campaigns is the basis for planning a company’s development strategy. A market analysis is, among other things, its comprehensive description that allows the company to identify niches, define development prospects together with potential barriers and formal restrictions related to entering that market.

What do we offer?

The outcome of our market research is a document comprehensively describing the situation in a given industry, covering the estimate of the past, present and future market value and size, shares of the market players and segments, and the analysis of key events and trends. Using complementary information-gathering techniques and a peer-review model, we deliver a market review that is as complete as possible.

How do we do it?

We start our work with a desk research analysis. Subsequent stages depend on the area the project relates to. This may be a consumer survey (B2C) or a B2B survey. PMR has a team of in-company experts who prepare analyses for key economic sectors on a continuous basis. These analyses are based on regularly updated data. For research purposes, PMR has developed its own methodology, called PMR Market Insight, which is a comprehensive tool used to prepare reports and market analyses.


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