Fieldwork in CEE countries

PMR has extensive experience in conducting fieldwork studies for global research agencies and in coordinating international projects in Central and Eastern Europe. We can be your reliable partner in carrying out research across the CEE region, saving your precious time and resources.

We can take up every stage of the market research process:

  • design or adaptation of questionnaires
  • translation into local languages
  • sampling, recruitment of respondents
  • data collection (conducting interviews/moderating TDI or focus groups)
  • data cleaning or analysis
  • transcription of interviews
  • reporting (summary or full reports)
  • providing necessary resources for different types of research, e.g. internet streaming for FGI (with FocusVision), CLT locations.

Benefits of working with PMR:

  • We are able to recruit respondents in a very short time, even within 24 hours.
  • We have experience in recruiting very specific and hard-to-reach respondents, e.g. experts in a niche field, doctors with a rare specialty.
  • We are able to carry out both quantitative and qualitative projects, according to our client’s requirements, while bringing in our knowledge of the local market and methodological competency.
  • We work on an ongoing basis with a number of proven local research agencies in the countries covered by our fieldwork services. 
  • We know the agencies’ field specialisations, due to which we work only with reliable partners.
  • Our main area of operation is Central and Eastern Europe, but we are also able to conduct research in Western Europe and other countries.
  • Our Project Managers are skilled and experienced in managing multi-country research projects, saving your time and resources.


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