Due Diligence

This is the crème de la crème of analytical precision. There is no place or time for mistakes. We understand this very well when conducting in-depth due diligence. Whether it’s the stage of a preliminary study of market opportunities, or a particular transaction – we can help increase the profitability of the project in any situation. We know which factors need to be checked so that an investment decision is justified in terms of predefined strategic objectives.

We work for industry players, private equity funds and investment banks. We know the specifics of each of these groups, and therefore we can quickly proceed with the project and provide high-quality consulting services.

Comprehensive due diligence project

Often, we carry out a multi-faceted process of due diligence – including not only the analysis of the market, but also areas such as operating activities, law, finance, taxes, technology and the environment. We can also conduct only the part of the process chosen by the client.

Commercial due diligence

Business analysis, or commercial due diligence, is our specialty. During this type of project we:

  • show the real situation on the market,
  • estimate the value and development potential of the market,
  • present the perspective of consumers,
  • analyse the competitive position of the entity,
  • examine various market participants, e.g. suppliers, producers and distributors,
  • indicate what can be a source of added value or risk in the future.

Operational due diligence

We research operations what means that we analyse, among others, the following areas:

  • production,
  • supply and logistics,
  • sales and marketing,
  • human capital and organisational effectiveness,
  • debt collection policy,
  • supplies management.

Financial and tax due diligence

Finance and taxes are assessed during financial and tax due diligence projects. This audit includes a review of:

  • historical financial statements,
  • tax reporting.

Legal due diligence

We research legal aspects such as:

  • contracts with business partners, suppliers and customers,
  • deviations from industry standards,
  • any off-balance sheet items,
  • alarming areas within the ownership structure.

Technical due diligence

Analysis of technological possibilities is the most diverse one in terms of analysed issues. Different elements will be researched in a company from the hi-tech sector, different ones in a medical facility, and different still in a car factory.

We are not afraid of niche technological areas, or any challenging industry. We’ve successfully completed projects on many of them.

Detailed and reliable data

Below are examples of questions we can answer for our client – even within a demanding time frame:

  • How big is the market potential – current and forecasted?
  • What are the main risks associated with the investment?
  • How does the market look from the perspective of the competitors?
  • And how does it look from the consumer’s perspective?
  • Which market segments are the most profitable? How are the analysed entity and the competition positioned in them?
  • What are the entity’s development dynamics compared with the market’s dynamics?
  • Which environmental or technological factors should be taken into account in the analysis?
  • Which factors should be taken into account in preparing the investment valuation?

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