If a product is not available in retail channels optimised for a particular audience, it will not survive on the market for long. Distribution is a subject which comes up when you already know what to sell and who to sell it to. This is the right time to find out how to reach out to particular market segments.

Effective route-to-market

During the last 20 years, researchers and consultants from PMR Consulting & Research carried out hundreds of projects in the field of distribution. We became acquainted with various sales models. We know which channels have the greatest sales potential for particular sectors and segments. We understand local markets and global trends that affect how a company reaches consumers with their product. We can advise you on what strategies and actions will yield lasting results.

Actionable recommendations

The result of our research and analysis is a detailed diagnosis of the sales network. It contains an audit of the existing situation in the area of distribution. Additionally, it is expanded to include specific directions for future actions and decisions. Often, it also includes complete strategies on placing a product on the market.

This approach means our clients receive precise answers to their questions like:

  • Which strategy for launching a new product should we use?
  • Which model for launching an existing product to a new market should we implement?
  • How can a distributor help in the development of the brand in the short and long term?
  • How to launch a product without the support of a distributor?

Effective research and consulting support

Depending on the client’s needs, we are able to conduct even the most complex research and consulting projects. The tasks which we most often perform in the area of distribution include:

  • researching distribution channels – those currently used and those considered,
  • seeking distributors in new markets, or distributors for new products,
  • supporting the process of establishing cooperation between business partners,
  • mapping business opportunities in the market,
  • identifying risks and developing plans to minimise risk,
  • scenario planning in relation to the route-to-market,
  • implementing the route-to-market strategy.

Distribution in existing and new markets

We select the most optimal strategies for the development of distribution, in line with our client’s expansion strategy. We help launch a new product in an existing market or help launch existing products in a whole new market. We can apply the right tools and approaches, taking into account the specific requirements in each of these two situations. Furthermore, in the case of a new product, we can also advise on how it should be priced, packaged or advertised. In the case of entering a new market, we often examine the specific needs of local consumers and point out necessary modifications in the portfolio.

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