Consumer behaviour research

Consumer behaviour is the most general category of consumer research. It is an opportunity for companies to gain insight into the market from the customers’ viewpoint. Even managers who know their business well still need feedback from the market.

By gaining in-depth knowledge of the consumer – how and why they use a product or service – it is possible to customise the company’s offering to meet market demand. 

What are the needs of consumers of our products or services?

  • How to find buyers for our products?
  • How do consumers use our products, how and what do they use them for?
  • How much money can our customers spend to buy our products? What is the optimum price for our services?

The observation of consumer behaviour, properly directed by the researcher, allows us to define for product or sales managers completely new areas where a particular product can be positioned and served by the seller. Consumer behaviour research is supposed to provide knowledge about the actual consumer behaviour. This behaviour can be studied both at purchase and consumption.

What do we offer?

The objective of the study is to find out how far the manufacturer’s idea of a product and the way it is used is reflected in the actual consumer behaviour. The report shows areas where consumers behave differently, contrary to the intentions of product designers. Sometimes, the disparities consist in new applications of the product, which can be directly translated into its additional advantages. Sometimes, the conclusions present obstacles to the use of all functionalities designed at the product development stage.

How do we do it?

To comprehensively define consumer behaviour, PMR Research uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The first, qualitative phase, is used to explore the studied topic. Having supplemented the exploratory stage with internal data sources, we proceed with quantitative analyses, the aim of which is to verify the consumer behaviour frequency and saturation.


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