B2B (business-to-business) research

Knowing the perspective of an individual customer is sometimes not sufficient to fully respond to the business needs of our clients. An indispensable element of the research project is then to identify the plans or operation of institutional or business clients.

How do we do it?

In B2B research projects, the respondents are company representatives. Our researchers have experience in conducting B2B projects with various groups of respondents: these may be employees as well as managers, management board members and presidents of large companies. The respondent profile is each time adapted to the research objectives and needs of our clients. We also adjust the research methodology accordingly.

Our team has experience in conducting:

  • qualitative B2B research, e.g. in-depth interviews, focus groups and expert interviews
  • quantitative B2B research, e.g. telephone or online interviews.

What topics do we examine?

Our researchers have been carrying out B2B projects for 25 years. Thanks to that, we understand the characteristics of this type of projects and can respond to the challenges and companies’ business needs. Each time, we adjust the project to the requirements and business goals of our client. The most common research areas we cover include:

  • Customer satisfaction survey (concerning products and/or services)
  • Identification of customer needs and expectations
  • Competitive research
  • Distribution channels analysis
  • Segmentation of business clients
  • Estimation of demand for specific services and/or products
  • Assessment of opportunities and threats on the market.


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