Sentiment deteriorates in catering industry despite increase in HoReCa market value

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In 2019, for another consecutive year, the Polish HoReCa market boasted a relatively substantial year-on-year increase – of 6%, to more than PLN 32bn. The latest PMR report, entitled: “The HoReCa market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and growth forecasts for 2020-2025″, suggests that the market is expected to grow further in the next few years, but at a lower rate than the figures observed in previous years. At the same time, the PMR survey shows that the moods of market participants are at their worst for several years.


Food price inflation causes concern for the industry

According to the latest PMR report, Poland’s HoReCa market has seen a 6% year-on-year increase in value. PMR forecasts indicate that market value will continue to grow until 2025, but that the rate of growth will weaken. In the next few years, the market will be positively affected by strong wage growth, increases in the number of domestic and foreign tourists and the still low percentage of Poles who appreciate cuisine in comparison with other EU countries. On the other hand, the market will continue to be negatively affected by the growing cuisine offer at other outlets (including shops). Furthermore, there are unpredictable phenomena, such as the current coronavirus epidemic, which may bring losses to the HoReCa industry.

At the same time, moods among market participants are also deteriorating, as shown by a survey carried out by PMR for the purposes of the report entitled: “HoReCa market in Poland 2020” (according to a survey carried out in January 2020 among 515 catering establishments), along with a study of the economic climate carried out in the accommodation and catering industry by GUS. PMR respondents’ forecasts for 2020 are the most pessimistic since 2015. Hotel restaurants are the most optimistic, whereas representatives of bars and pubs are the most pessimistic. In an analysis of the reasons for the negative assessment of the situation on the catering market, one factor – food price inflation – is clearly growing in importance.

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Veganism, vegetarianism and ecology thought to be among the most important trends on the HoReCa market

The growing popularity of the vegetarian and vegan diets is undoubtedly one of the major trends which has affected the catering industry in recent years. Completely new establishments have appeared, along with changes in menus and alternatives to meat dishes in practically all market subdivisions. The strength of this trend may be demonstrated by changes in the fast food business. At present, all of the most prominent players – McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, North Fish, Bobby Burger and Burger King – have meat-free offers in their range. The growing importance of ecology and a healthy lifestyle has also been reflected in the operation of catering establishments. This trend is not only important for the catering offer, but also permeates areas such as packaging and waste disposal. Poles making use of the offers of catering establishments and the catering industry in general are paying an increasing amount of attention to the packaging in which products are placed. There has been a reduction in the degree of tolerance to the abuse of disposable plastic. Products are increasingly often being selected for their eco-friendly packaging, and sold in reusable packaging or packed in their own boxes.



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