250+consulting & research projects annually
500+global clients
5 000+brands researched

PMR consultants performed their tasks very reliably and on time. Also, all contact with the company's employees was very good and they responded immediately to any concerns. Therefore, we can recommend PMR as a reliable, proven, and competent partner.

PSI Polska

The project not only provided insight into the behaviour, plans and aspirations of customers, but its findings are being used in building market strategies and customer communication with end users.


They trust us:

The high level of services was complemented by subsequent cooperation, which involved modifying and adding issues for further analysis. All ideas, editing, and corrections were taken care of right away.


The work done by PMR Consulting on several projects was characterized by high quality. In particular, PMR seeks to provide the client with a certain added value; they are helpful and flexible in adapting to requests regarding the scope of the work, and demonstrate professionalism in their work.

20+years on the market
50+analysed countries
150+regularly updated market reports

PMR’s report concerning the market in which we operate offered many interesting insights, and in many ways exceeded our expectations in terms of the level of detail and precision of data. We are pleased with the work PMR has done for us, and with completing the project in such a short time.


PMR Consulting & Research showed their professionalism both in project management, thoroughness, and presentation of results. Thanks to a unique level of customer service, as well as the commitment and experience of their analysts, we received a report that fully met our expectations and confirmed the competence of their team.


PMR consultants were very effective and put a lot of effort into understanding our business priorities. They evaluated our current situation and drew up recommendations on the most suitable market strategy. Without a shadow of a doubt I can attest to their knowledge and experience in the region.


They trust us:

We are fully satisfied with our cooperation with the company and we can recommend it as a reliable partner in market research and analysis.


I can highly recommend PMR and their analysts, as they are competent and professional partners in market research.

Salt Mine in Wieliczka

Orbico is pleased with level of service including expertise, professionalism, punctuality and smooth communication. Collaboration with PMR helped Orbico to get faster knowledge of Polish market and be more certain in making choices and decisions.

100+people achieving success for our clients
300+business partners all over the world
100%engagement in each project!

PMR is a partner worth recommending not just because of their knowledge, experience and high standards, but also because the people who work there are eager to try and understand different business models and cooperate with the client at every stage of the project.


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