Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries


Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries

For over 20 years PMR has specialized in research and analysis of the markets in Russia, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), e.g. Moldova, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. In these countries, we specialize in analysing the retail, construction, IT, telecommunications and medical sectors. If we have no ready-to-use report on a given country’s sector you are interested in, you may order a custom report from us.

PMR’s reports offer a comprehensive account of and forecast for the situation in the examined sector. In the reports, we present the volume of the market and its growth rate, a 5-year growth forecast for the industry, a breakdown of the analysed market into segments, information about its key players as well as an analysis of key events and trends. Depending on the topic, the report may also cover a description of distribution channels, customer segmentation, an analysis of legal and regulatory conditions, and other insights. The data presented is accompanied by an expert commentary, analysis and interpretation from PMR’s analysts.

PMR’s industry reports on in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries can help you design business strategies, launch new products, expand into new markets, monitor your market share relative to your competitors as well as undertake investment projects, mergers and acquisitions.

PMR’s reports are prepared using a mixed-mode methodology. Depending on the examined subject, it may include the analysis of statistical and administrative data, the use of a wide range of secondary sources, econometric modelling, data scraping, CATI, CAPI and CAWI surveys conducted on representative samples of manufacturers, distributors as well as B2B and B2C end users and qualitative research on the market players.

PMR regularly publishes reports and conducts research on the following sectors in Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries:

  • construction
  • markets of construction materials: thermal insulation, roofing, aggregates, facade materials, concrete paving, construction chemicals, precast concrete and other
  • DIY
  • cloud computing 
  • groceries
  • e-commerce market (B2B and B2C)
  • clothing and footwear
  • the HoReCa market
  • cosmetics
  • pharma and medical 
  • Information and communication technologies (ICT).

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    Oferujemy badania rynku oraz analizy i prognozy gospodarcze realizowane na indywidualne zlecenie Klientów. Specjalizujemy się obliczaniu wielkości rynków, opracowywaniu prognoz ich rozwoju oraz badaniach ankietowych business-to-business.
    Oferta PMR obejmuje:
    - Cykliczne raporty na temat rynków Retail, Construction, Pharma & Healthcare oraz ICT w krajach Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej
    - Ilościowe i jakościowe badania rynku, w tym z wykorzystaniem metod CATI, CAWI, FGI, IDI, wywiadów eksperckich i innych metodologii.
    - Usługi międzynarodowej realizacji terenowej badań ilościowych i jakościowych w regionie CEE

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