Marketing research

PMR experts gather and analyze information related to the market, consumers, competition, products and services, and marketing research allows to learn about customer preferences and needs, and to assess the market and competition, thus enabling to define target groups precisely, understand which products and services are most desired by customers and what market trends are.

At every stage of cooperation, we provide access to necessary knowledge and tools for effective market research and competitive analysis, and the collected data can be used to develop more efficient marketing and advertising strategies.

As part of our services, we also offer support in developing action plans and marketing-sales strategies.

The scope of research:


  • brand awareness and recognition, identity and image research
  • customer satisfaction and loyalty research (NPS, CSAT, CES), purchasing selectivity
  • shopping preferences research
  • product, name and packaging tests (Concept/Product Testing)


  • segmentation research
  • brand/product positioning research
  • price research/price sensitivity
  • competition research
  • Customer Experience (CEX) research
Research methods range from:


  • CAWI (online) and CATI (telephone) surveys – we have our own CATI studio
  • qualitative interviews: in-depth individual interviews (IDI/TDI), focus groups (FGI), expert interviews




  • mystery shopping
  • shop-along shopping research
  • ethnographic research
  • desk research
  • web scraping


We are a member of the international organization ESOMAR, which confirms the high quality of our services and their compliance with the highest standards in the industry. Our services cover both business-to-business and business-to-client research, and our research experience covers the entire Europe.

We carry out statistical analyses at any level of technological advancement and multidimensional analyses such as Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Regression Analysis, Correspondence Analysis.

Our services also include customer segmentation and marketing analyses, like Conjoint, Maxdiff, PSM - Price Sensitivity Meter. We also offer Data Mining and Machine Learning analysis, including Decision Trees and Market Basket Analysis, as well as geographic data analysis (Geospatial Analysis) and qualitative text and image analysis, such as semiotic analysis and sentiment analysis.

We conduct custom sectoral analyses and carry out quantitative and qualitative research (focus group research, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, personal interviews, telephone interviews, CATI, CAWI and CAPI interviews). We have our own CATI studio, which allows the smooth conduct of telephone interviews.