News - 8 May 2020

The impact of the coronavirus on the pharmaceutical sector – PMR research

In early April 2020, PMR conducted a survey among its clients and partners in four sectors: pharmaceutical and healthcare, retail trade, construction, and IT/ICT. The focus of the survey was on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their business in the Polish market. The survey results clearly indicate that the pharmaceutical sector is one of the least negatively affected industries by the current situation.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the percentage of companies that not only maintain but also increase their activity is the highest (17%) (the average for all sectors surveyed was 9%). Additionally, 67% of the surveyed companies in the sector are currently operating without restrictions, adapting to the prevailing conditions (without expanding their scope of activity).


Moreover, when it comes to the scope of new recruitments, it is currently the highest in the pharmaceutical/healthcare sector (33% compared to 11% overall).


From the survey conducted in April 2020, it can be concluded that in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, the biggest problem currently faced by businesses is not limited demand from customers, but disruptions in the supply chain (equipment/raw materials/goods and materials). This may be due, among other things, to problems associated with importing raw materials from China, which is an important producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) manufactured and sold in Poland.


A small percentage of businesses also indicate a limitation or suspension of investments. Regarding changes in investment plans for new projects, the pharmaceutical sector has the highest percentage compared to the overall average (30% vs 12%). The largest percentage of companies also plans to increase their investments (10% vs 3% overall).

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Justyna Zagórska

Senior Analyst