News - 12 January 2023

Several factors restrict the development of sustainable construction in Poland

Sustainable development is becoming one of the key challenges for the construction market. In the latest PMR report on sustainable construction in Poland, we address this issue by organizing available information and seeking opinions directly from market participants.

The development of sustainable construction will accelerate

According to the report “Sustainable Construction in Poland – Key Trends and Development Prospects,” the Polish construction market is still far from being sustainable.


The results of research and analysis conducted by PMR are not very optimistic, for example, regarding the factors influencing the choice of specific building materials or the low number of leading companies in the construction industry that regularly publish specific documents related to their sustainable development strategy. On the other hand, it seems that the direction of change has already been set and is inevitable, with the only unknown being the pace of implementation.

Analyzed trends indicate a gradual popularization of sustainable construction principles in Poland. A multidimensional analysis of the construction market environment also points to increasing pressure on its participants. This will affect the strategic decisions of companies in the construction industry, which will need to adapt to new conditions. Consideration will be given not only to economic factors but also to documented approaches to non-financial factors such as environmental protection, social issues, and corporate governance.
Marcin Uryga
Senior Construction Market Analyst at PMR
Report Author


Find comprehensive information about the current state of the Polish sustainable construction in the PMR report:


Sustainable construction in Poland. Crucial trends and development forecasts.


Numerous factors blocking actions in the field of sustainable construction

As revealed by a survey conducted by PMR for the report, market participants indicate several factors that hinder a faster pace of change. The strongest perceived blockers are unclear regulations, rapidly changing guidelines, and the high cost of sustainable materials. Marcin Uryga adds that individual market participants (architects, building material manufacturers, investors, construction firms) differ slightly in their specific assessments.

However, a common characteristic is that they attach significant importance to several factors. This indicates a very large number of factors that simultaneously have and will have an impact on the pace of sustainable construction development in Poland.
Marcin Uryga
Senior Construction Market Analyst at PMR
Report Author

Explanation: N=189-196

Question asked on a scale from 1 (very low impact) to 5 (very high impact). The higher the average value, the greater the impact. Factors sorted by highest average.

Source: PMR, 2022

Leaders of change in the implementation of sustainable construction principles in Poland

According to analyses conducted by PMR for the report, the number of construction companies that have incorporated sustainable development goals in their official documents is increasing year by year. The acceleration in this area is particularly evident in the last two years (2021-2022).


An increasing number of companies are also gaining experience in the construction of buildings that align with the principles of sustainable construction. Companies that have strategically approached this challenge and have already acquired the necessary skills are now in a better starting position and are the ones most likely to benefit from the upcoming changes.

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Marcin Uryga

Senior Construction Market Analyst