News - 22 July 2020

Renovation plans of Poles

Every year, a portion of Poles consciously give up their vacation plans to focus on renovation work in their apartments and houses. Some prefer to immediately hire a renovation and construction crew to carry out such work. The actions taken aim to both improve the technical standards and aesthetic value of the living space, as well as to achieve a higher level of comfort in their own property. However, renovation usually poses a significant financial and organizational challenge for the entire household. Therefore, it is more often the result of a well-thought-out plan rather than spontaneous action. And what do these plans look like for the next two years?

Renovation Needs vs. Renovation Plans

Many people recognize the current need for renovation in their apartment/house. Due to various reasons, not everyone will fulfill this need in the near future. However, the majority of Poles intend to take action to change this situation for the better. Within the next two years, 57% of Poles whose property requires renovations plan to undertake such an endeavor. The vast majority of them have set a time horizon within the next year. Only slightly over 30% of those planning renovations have allocated more time – from 1 year to 2 years.

Desires and Possibilities vs. Renovation Plans

An even larger group of Poles reside in properties where renovations are not necessary. However, this does not mean that no renovation work will be carried out in the near future. There is a noticeable group of people who have plans for renovations that do not arise directly from the technical condition of their property, but rather from the desire to improve comfort, aesthetic qualities of their inhabited property, or to enhance its functionality, for example, due to changes in the household’s composition or age of its residents.

Naturally, the percentage of people planning renovations in a property where it is not necessary will be lower. In the next 2 years, approximately 23% of Poles residing in properties that do not require renovations still plan to undertake such actions. The highest inclination to carry out renovation work is demonstrated by residents of the largest cities (over 500,000 inhabitants). Almost one-third of such respondents reported having such intentions. It is not an urgent matter for them, as the majority indicated a 2-year perspective rather than a 1-year one. The largest households (over 5 people) are less inclined to undertake renovations that are not prompted by the current technical condition/standard of their property. The percentage of indications of existing renovation plans in this group reached only 13%.


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Forced or dream renovation - different expectations and requirements

Renovation plans can be forced by real, practical needs resulting directly from the condition of the inhabited premises, or they can be the result of expectations and possibilities that encourage beautifying the surroundings. A lot depends on the genesis of the declared renovation plans. This was confirmed by a study conducted by PMR, where both groups have different approaches to many issues, which will translate into many specific decisions that will be made in the future. The “Polish Renovation Plans 2020” report, which we encourage you to familiarize yourself with, takes into account the most distinct differences between these groups, thus facilitating the creation of a targeted offer that meets the needs of each group.

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