News - 27 September 2021

Medicover acquires more fitness club chains

Aiming to develop its business in the area of sport and recreation, Medicover has become the majority shareholder of the nationwide chain of Just GYM fitness clubs, comprising 24 facilities located throughout the country. By including Just GYM in its portfolio, Medicover has increased the number of its gyms, which so far have operated under the brands such as Holmes Place, Well Fitness and Calypso Fitness Club. The chain announces that it plans to further develop its sports offer and recently has also acquired FITARENA and Quanfit, doubling its portfolio in the last month alone to 70 facilities.

Medicover became the majority owner of Just GYM in early September 2021, adding another brand to its portfolio, which includes health and wellbeing services. There are 22 outlets within the Just GYM network, with 2 additional clubs under construction. The fitness clubs are located throughout the country, including those in Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw, and the outlets are open 24 hours a day. Customers have the opportunity to train, participate in group activities and use modern equipment in cardio, functional training, free weights and combat sports zones, among others. At the end of September, the company has also acquired FITARENA and Quanfit – 8 and 3 modern sports facilities (fitness clubs and gyms). With this acquisition, Medicover doubled the number of clubs it owns in just one month.


Medicover is consistently pursuing its growth plan in the sports and leisure industry, and the addition of Just GYM is another step in the expansion of the Medicover Sport brand portfolio. Medicover has previously taken over the sports package operator OK System and plans to further expand its sports offerings in the future. Medicover has so far operated more than 30 fitness clubs under the brands such as Holmes Place, Well Fitness (formerly Fitness World Polska) and Calypso Fitness Club.


As Artur Białkowski, Managing Director for Business Services, explains, the development of Medicover’s share of the modern sports club market in Poland is a response to the expectations of customers who pay attention to a holistic approach to health and attach great importance to physical activity. Investments in fitness clubs that are well-equipped and have a large customer base allow the exchange of know-how, which in turn translates into improved quality on the market. According to Paweł Ciszek, founder and CEO of Just GYM, cooperation with Medicover means further development of the brand, which aims to improve the health and well-being of customers.


Currently, Medicover Sport packages allow customers to use around 4,500 partner sports and recreation facilities. These include sports clubs, gyms and swimming pools, as well as centres where you can train in a variety of sports. The facilities also offer yoga or Zumba classes, and as part of packages, customers gain access to bowling alleys, go-kart tracks and billiard rooms.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director