News - 29 September 2021

Invisalign will allow simultaneous straightening and whitening of teeth

More and more patients undergoing orthodontic treatment also decide to have their teeth whitened. Invisalign, which so far has been associated with transparent braces in the form of silicone caps on the teeth, the so-called aligners, introduces a new solution thanks to which patients will be able to straighten and whiten their teeth at the same time.


Invisalign Professional Whitening System is expected to be a revolutionary solution that will allow doctors trained in Invisalign technology to offer their patients a teeth whitening system. Ultradent’s specially developed Opalescence PF formula will be able to be used with both Invisalign clear trays and Vivera braces. The solution, made possible by Align‘s agreement with Ultradent, will be available globally in 2022.


According to a recent study in the United States, the majority of patients using Invisalign braces opt for a teeth whitening procedure. Some patients begin this process while still undergoing orthodontic treatment. The new solution will allow these two procedures to be combined, and the teeth whitening procedure itself, using the Opalescence PF formula, can be performed in the office by a trained practitioner or at the patient’s home under medical supervision. As Ultradent president and CEO Dirk Jeffs explained, the partnership with Align will allow the company to reach even more doctors and patients with its professional teeth whitening products.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director