News - 8 May 2020

Impact of the coronavirus on the ICT sector – PMR research

In the beginning of April 2020, PMR conducted a short survey among its clients and partners from 4 sectors of activity: Retail, Pharma/Healthcare, Construction, IT/ICT. Below we present a set of infographics from this survey.

The survey was of a quantitative and qualitative nature (standardized interviews on a purposive sample of selected companies). It was conducted with decision-makers and competent representatives of companies, of which 3/4 of the respondents were CEOs or representatives in top management/directorship of their companies. In total, 109 companies were surveyed, including 35 from the Construction and IT/ICT sectors, 12 from the Pharma/Healthcare sector, and 27 from the Retail sector.


Representatives of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and contractors participated in the survey. Both online and brick-and-mortar channel companies, as well as B2C and B2B sector representatives, were invited to participate. The survey was conducted using an online questionnaire as well as telephone interviews.

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Paweł Olszynka

ICT Business Unit Director