News - 16 September 2021

Glovo Prime free for a month for new users

Glovo Prime, launched by the company on July 1, 2021, enjoys extensive popularity since its inception. Glovo continues to invest in the promotion of its subscription service- this time, offering new customers the first month free of charge.


The Glovo Prime subscription service offers unlimited access to free deliveries and special offers. The “first month for free” promotion is a response to the dynamically growing number of customers in Poland – it also comes with high hopes of reaching an even larger group of potential subscribers. New users will have the chance to experience the conveniences that the subscription ensures. In this way, Glovo counts on acquiring new subscribers who, after enjoying the free offer, will decide to pay for the service.


Currently, the Glovo Prime service covers as many as 6,000. partners in 11 cities, and partner points covered by the packages are marked in the application with a purple mark. The subscription costs PLN 15.99 per month, and you can also cancel it at any time.


Glovo is a Barcelona-based company with coverage in over 1,000 cities in 22 countries in the EEMEA region and sub-Saharan Africa. Glovo has 89 thousand. associated partners worldwide. It also employs 58 thousand. active couriers serving over 3.9 million users per month. In 2019, Glovo appeared on the Polish market by taking over PizzaPortal, and currently the services under the application can be used in 87 Polish cities.

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Agnieszka Skonieczna

Market Analysis Director