News - 30 April 2021

Booming online trade of OTC products

Online sales of dietary supplements increased rapidly in 2020, among online pharmacies, e-stores, and shopping platforms. The pandemic reinforced the already observed trend of increasing health care including vitamin and mineral supplementation, which resulted in increased demand for such products. In addition, dietary supplements supporting the immune system gained popularity as a result of the pandemic.

Motivating factors for buying dietary supplements online

According to a PMR survey, despite the economic crisis coming as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, natural ingredients are one of the main factors motivating respondents to buy dietary supplements online. This year, once again, the percentage indicating this factor has increased (from 18% in 2016 and 35% in 2019 to as much as 43%). This is generally linked to the trend of increasing popularity of natural products in many retail segments. This criterion is more important for women than men and for people with a university education.


Our study also showed that the price of the product is still an important factor – most important for those earning the least and the over 55 years old, who may also have limited funds. For the oldest people, recommendation by a pharmacist and trust in the brand are more important than in other age groups, as well as the size of the packaging. Younger people are more likely to rely on opinions found online (e.g. on blogs and forums). We noted no significant differences between rural and urban residents.

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Justyna Zagórska

Senior Analyst