Mergers, acquisitions, and PMI

Merges & Acquisitions as well as transforming companies are common in business and can be a strategic move that helps increase the scale of operations and the ability to compete in the market, gain new customers, or acquire technologies or skills.

However, these processes can also be associated with risks such as integrating different organizational cultures, restructuring costs, or changes in brand image. Our experts evaluate and adjust the process as it unfolds and monitor its results to ensure effective implementation and adaptation to changing conditions.

At PMR, we support clients in the processes of company mergers and acquisitions, as well as their subsequent integration (PMI), which aims to combine two or more organizations into a cohesive whole.

Scope of advice:


  • support in the sale of a company
  • acquisitions
  • synergy evaluation
  • value creation plans


  • PMI – integration after the merger
  • building company value
  • divestitures
  • product portfolio management