Marketing and sales

We provide marketing and sales consulting, supporting companies in planning and choosing the optimal strategy and direction for development.

Our experts, together with the client's team, develop a detailed action plan tailored to the unique business needs and requirements, which will increase sales effectiveness and improve the company's profitability.

Our scope of activities includes, among others, market analysis, market research, creation of marketing strategy, and planning advertising campaigns. Our services also include advice on developing sales plans and support for effective strategy implementation.


Scope of consultancy:


  • introducing new products/services
  • pricing strategies
  • competition analysis
  • supply chain
  • sales team effectiveness
  • brand development and product portfolio
  • defining brand position
  • maximizing private label potential


  • revenue growth strategies
  • market development
  • utilization of digital technology potential in sales and marketing
  • geographic and channel expansion
  • market entry and channel strategies
  • redefining commercial functions and sales force effectiveness