ICT & Media

Analysis of the ICT & Media industry

PMR reports allow customers to obtain a full picture of the ICT market in Poland.

The scope of the analyses covers the following subgroups: telecommunications services (mobile and fixed networks, internet access and data transmission services), IT services and equipment, software, with emphasis on business applications, data centres, cloud computing, cyber security, IoT/IIoT, mobile Internet, pay TV, VAS and VOD/OTT.

For each market, we present the full dimensioning of values and rates of growth, in the form of historical data and short-term (1-2 years) and long-term (6 years) forecasts. These include market breakdown by subdivision and end-user spending. With regard to demand, proprietary and cyclical surveys, primarily of enterprises (B2B), are a key element of PMR reports and analyses.

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We also pay particular attention to the analysis of the supply side:, i.e., the suppliers whom we map in terms of revenue and financial data, along with key operational KPIs, market offer, categories of customer, major events and planned investments. Much of the data obtained emanate from direct talks and meetings with market participants.

PMR reports also contain comprehensive international comparisons, key global data and forecasts, SWOT analyses, technological, market and consumer trends and expert assessments of their impact on the Polish market.

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