Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Analysis of the health and pharmaceutical industries

PMR provides comprehensive studies of the health and pharmacy markets in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe and other regions.

We prepare in-depth analyses of the life science market, and, in particular, prescription, over-the-counter, generic and innovative, and biological products, along with parapharmaceuticals: e.g., dietary supplements and dermocosmetics, and their distribution channels: pharmacy, hospital, non-pharmacy and online. Healthcare is another industry analysed: public and non-public, outpatient, hospital, diagnostics, etc. We also specialise in the analysis of the medical equipment market: including laboratory diagnostics, imaging, telemedicine and robotics surgery. In all of these areas, we garner information about the legal environment and take this aspect into account when formulating forecasts.

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We provide up-to-date market data always verified by our professional analysts and supplemented by expert commentary. We also present our estimates and forecast assumptions. In addition to the supply and demand side analyses of the markets studied, our projects include rankings and the shares of the best-selling products and market players, along with detailed leader profiles. They also present financial results, key events, best-selling products, investments and plans. The analysis of market structure usually includes divisions by source of funding, distribution channel and product category.

PMR’s products are designed to best assist clients with business and strategic planning, and also in terms of increasing market shares, entering new markets, and preparing business plans and budgets. PMR’s partners glean a considerable amount of information from market research conducted regularly among their customers and other market players. One of PMR’s greatest advantages in obtaining unique information is its long-standing relationship with players on the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

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