Market research on request

Companies that plan to make strategic decisions need appropriate information support or verification of their own data and analysis. The conditions for taking new actions - starting with macroeconomic factors to the direct competitive environment - form the basis of analysis that constitute a description of the market potential.

What do we offer as part of market research?

The result of the research is a document that comprehensively describes the situation in the analyzed industry, including an estimation of past, current, and future market values and sizes, as well as the market shares and segments of the main players. In addition, it includes an analysis of market trends and key events. By applying complementary information collection techniques and using the model of mutual verification of obtained data, we build the most complete image of the market possible.

How do we conduct market research?

The research starts with a desk research analysis. Subsequent stages depend on the area in which the project is carried out. It can be consumer research in B2C or B2B research. PMR has an internal team of experts that continuously prepare analysis related to key sectors of the economy. These analyses are based on regularly updated market data.

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