Knowledge about markets

PMR has been analyzing markets in Poland for over 25 years on behalf of corporate and institutional clients. We specialize in analyzing retail trade, construction, IT, telecommunications, and the medical sector. Analyses of the most important segments of these markets are available in the form of pre-prepared reports published on a cyclical basis, and if there is no ready-made report, we also conduct market research on individual commissions.

PMR reports contain a comprehensive description and forecast of the development of the situation in the sector being studied. We present, among other things, the size and dynamics of the market, information about the main players, analysis of key events and trends, as well as 5-year forecasts for the development of the industry. Additionally, the reports also contain information about distribution channels, customer segmentation, and analysis of legal and regulatory conditions. The presented data is accompanied by expert commentary, analysis, and interpretation from PMR analysts.

PMR industry reports support the development of business strategies, the introduction of new products to the market, the entry of companies into new markets, monitoring market share compared to competitors, as well as making investments, mergers, and acquisitions.

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