The market for long-term senior care in Poland is developing rapidly. Nursing homes for seniors are trying to catch up with the changing requirements of Polish citizens. However, their number is still insufficient to meet the current and future needs of the growing group of elderly persons.

The advantages of senior care facilities include:

  • 24/7 care,
  • support from professional medical personnel,
  • maintaining active lifestyle among seniors,
  • staying in contact with people at the similar age.

On the other hand, many negative social opinions concerning such facilities hold sway in Poland. They are perceived as underfunded institutions affected by many problems, such as:

  • personnel shortages,
  • lower level of service,
  • poor living conditions.

In face of an ever increasing number of older persons and the need to face systemic and social challenges associated with that phenomenon, we decided to determine how this problem is perceived by Poles. In April 2017 PMR conducted a survey among adult inhabitants of Poland. Researchers asked respondents to share their views concerning nursing homes for seniors.

The market for long-term senior care in Poland – research findings

Aging of the society involves a number of challenges. Long-term changes are taking place, even though they may not be noticed straight away. Despite that, Poles are aware that care provided to seniors will be of paramount importance in the future.

According to the majority of Poles, senior care facilities are predominantly places where the elderly can obtain 24/7 help and medical assistance. Many respondents also consider such facilities a solution that is beneficial to all parties – in particular when ongoing medical care becomes a necessity.

On the other hand, such places are sometimes viewed by Poles as ordinary medical facilities or hospitals. They are not perceived as an interesting alternative that gives residents a chance to enjoy active lifestyle and interactions with people in a similar situation. That is why many Poles still struggle to imagine ever having to use the services of such care facilities for the elderly.


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